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Rana May
The Riot Act Reading Series
March 20, 2013 (7:00 p.m.)
The Loft at Open Book (Performance Hall)
The Riot Act Reading Series is a monthly literary event typically held at the Turf Club in Saint Paul however, they are bringing their diverse cabal of writers to the Loft for a special show.

Established in 2006, It features emerging and established writers. Known for its genre bending  mix of humor and intensity, it was voted "Best  Reading Series" by the City Pages  in 2011.

The Roster:

Rana May
is a local fake social worker and part-time informative speaker. She uses graphs and poetry to help teach people.

Christopher Jug George is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker who lives in Saint Paul, MN. He is originally from The Valley of the Jolly Green Giant, also known as Le Sueur, Minnesota. He is currently writing a novel, King Corn. He writes flash fiction for christopherjuggeorge.com and plays the role of a 90 year old sportswriter on georgeonsports.com. He has written for Minnesota Daily, Le Sueur News-Herald, and has been previously published in a multidisciplinary online arts magazine, Eye Caramba.

Paul D. Dickinson is  a poet from Saint Paul and co host  of the Riot Act Reading Series. He has an MFA in poetry from the University of Massachusetts where he studied under Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Tate. He appears in the film The Last City in The East.

Laura Brandenburg is a poet and co-host of the Riot Act Reading series. Laura  was the editor of the the infamous Minneapolis punk rock zines The Squealer and Sweet Ass.

Beck DeRobertis is a filmaker. His latest film is Wingman. His blog is amazing!  http://bringmossback.blogspot.com/

Michelle Leon is a writer and educator. She played bass guitar in the seminal Minneapolis all female rock band Babes in Toyland.

David Mercer will be playing avant-garde piano.

*All Models are 18 years of  age
*Not responsible  for lost or stolen  items

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